2008 American Augers VR-500 Top Head Drive Drilling Rig VR5000011008 with 99' x 10' 2-piece hydraulic raise 300,000 lb. capacity derrick, rack & pinion top head drive system rated at 500,000 lb. hook load, mounted on a 4- axle drop deck trailer chassis V.I.N# 1A9SR63498W445060 with 4-hydraulic outriggers, 67' OVAL x 10', air ride suspension, good size 275/70R22.5 tires, rear pin-on 2008 Trail King tandem model TKAB2-192 axle stinger dolly V.I.N# 1TKS019269B108491 rated at 50,000 lb. GVWR, with good size 275/70R22.5 tires, 9' 10" x 3' x 57' 2-piece ramped drive-on rig base that include 2-14' x 10' & 1-11'6" pin on side base supports. Powered by 2-hydraulic power units mounted inside two 8' x 40' x 8'6" custom built containers with Cat C-18 diesel engines, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic tank reservoirs, portable suit case, Hydraulic raise 10' x 10' telescoping substructure by 2-hydraulic cylinders to a height of 14', with 2-pin 10' x 6' floor extensions, complete with access stairs & safety railing. Self-erecting elevated 8' x 20' x 8'6" insulated dog house with wall mounted HVAC unit, swivel operator's chair with integrated arm rest joy stick controls, Pason rig display, monitors, explosion proof lightning. Iron Rough Neck hydraulic pipe wrench system. Hydraulic range III pipe handling system that includes 2-indexing pipe racks. In good condition showing 6,379 hours on HPU unit A & 164 hours on HUP unit B.

Other support is available depending on desired or requirements needed by the prospective buyers. The list is as follows;

1.) 2008 Stanton Dynamics 45’ x 8’ Tri-Axle Dog House Trailer with heat, lockers, cabinets, benches, explosion proof lighting, & front porch.

2.) 2008 Stanton Dynamics Model FF45 Tri-axle 45’ x 8’ x 8’ Trailer Mounted Soap / Fuel Trailer V.I.N.# 1S9SP46388S834158 with 80,000 lb. 1-3000 gallon diesel fuel tank, 1-500 gallon hydromatic oil with circulating pump, 2- 500 gallon soap tanks, with 2 hp electric pumps, 6- bulk lubrication tanks, wired for 208 watt 3- phase electric, explosion proof lighting.

3.) Mud Pit System consisting of 1-500 barrel 3 compartment mud tank and 1-200 barrel 2-compartment mud tank with circulating pumps, safety railing and access stairs.

4.) 2-2009 Ingersoll-Rand 1170-350 High Pressure Air Compressors with Cat C-15 diesel engines, heat exchangers after coolers, mounted on oilfield skid bases with 5,000 hours.

5.) 2-2009 Aerial JGQ/2 Air Boosters with Cat c-7 diesel engines, heat exchangers, mounted on an oilfield skid base with 5,000 hours.

All are in good working order.

Offers Being Accepted. (If all or some of the above support equipment is not needed, values can be deducted from the total package price as desired).


1982 Wilson Model 42B single drum drilling rig, S.N. 10806, with operators control panel; Braden hydraulically operated service winch; Driven by right angle drive gear box powered by carrier engine, Foster make-up and break out cat heads; 15" double hydrotarder brake. Deadline anchor,

MAST: Wilson 104'H X 250,000 # hoist capacity with Martin Decker weight indicator, Hydraulically raised and scoped; 3 1/2" X 55'L rotary hose; Vapor proof lighting; Ladders; Pipe racking board automatically deploys while derrick is being raised. Mud Line, Standpipe; 

All above unitized and mounted on five axle crane carrier, powered by Detroit 12V71n diesel engine, with Allison Model 5860 transmission.


BLOCKS: BJ UNIMATIC 6150 150 ton blocks and hook combination; 4 sheaves.

SWIVEL: OILWELL Model SA150 , 150 ton capacity swivel

KELLY: 4 ¼” Square Kelly, with 6 5/8” regular connections, complete with BAASH-ROSS master bushing.

ROTARY TABLE: GARDNER-DENVER 17 ½” X 44” complete with split master bushing.


SUB-STRUCTURE: 8’H Substructure, with, back on ramp for rig, Matting boards; Rat Hole and Mouse Hole; V door ramp.


FUEL-GENERATOR HOUSE: 2,800 gallon capacity fuel tank, with transfer pump; Junk Box; Lubester; STATE LINE 60 KW generator complete with all necessary switches, gauges and controls; Powered by PERKINS diesel engine, Model 4PKXL04. All unitized and skid mounted; Unit has all necessary electrical boxes, and controls. All of the above mounted on 1979 DORSEY tandem axle trailer, S.N. 140535.



MUD PUMP: WILSON GIANT 6 ¼” X 14” duplex mud pump, with extra high pressure fluid end; Quick change caps; HYDRIL pulsation dampener; OTECO relief valve; Powered by DETROIT Model 12V71 diesel engine, with clutch; All unitized and skid mounted.

300 Barrel capacity water tank, skid mounted.

Open top mud pit, 260 bbl capacity.




Washington Rotating Head, with air bowl and master bearing

9 5/8" Annular Blow out preventer, 3,000 # test

Hacker Pyramid 17 1/2" X 44' rotary table,( Rebuilt)

2,500 gallon capacity fuel tank, skidded, with transfer pump.

Elevators, slips, and handling tools required for drilling.



     Total Package Price $225,000.


1982 Bessinger & Stein Model A32 (Cooper 32-32) double drum service rig with 1" x 8" x 65' 125,000 lb. capacity hydraulic raised & telescoped double poles, air clutches, 10" double brakes, 2-rear hydraulic outriggers, Detroit 6V71 diesel deck engine, 5-speed transmission, auxiliary hydraulics circuit, 10,000 lb. auxiliary winch, approx. 5,500 ' of 9/16" galvanized sand line, 7/8" tubing line, McKissick 3-sheave 150 ton traveling block, fold-up cat walks, tool boxes, tool rack, mounted on a 1988 Mack R688S tandem axle truck chassis with 300 hp Mack diesel engine, 6-speed transmission, cab protector, oilfield front bumper. It is in good condition.

Available tooling; Eckel power tongs with inserts for 1-1/2" to 4" pipe, air slips, weight indicator, sand pump, swab tools, lubricator, elevators, elevator links & line counter.

Total Package Price $75,000.

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