When you are not able to physically visit the site to evaluate a piece of machinery or equipment yourself, detailed Inspection Reports of individual pieces can be invaluable.

From inspection and evaluation of engines, hydraulics and swing mechanisms to confirmation of component wear, tire wear and undercarriage wear, and overall condition, you can count on Venango Machinery Equipment & Appraisals to provide an unbiased and CONFIDENTIAL Inspection Report. Conducted by a Certified Senior Appraiser (CSA) our goal is to serve clients fairly, efficiently and with accuracy.

Why request an Equipment Inspection Report?

Undercarriage Inspection Report

Inspection reports can provide:

Several factors are taken into account when evaluating machinery and equipment including:

Engine detail – Inspection Report

Venango Machinery Equipment & Appraisals can respond to your location within 24 hours. Inspection reports are typically completed within 1 to 3 days or sooner, depending on the size and location of the machinery or equipment.

A well-organized detailed inspection report will be provided which includes itemized photos and listing detailed conditions of each piece with verification of serial number.

Machinery & Equipment Inspection Report Fees

Prices are quoted to match the scope of work prior to each Inspection Report. If you would like a cost proposal—call today! (814) 758-0062 or email

*Note: The fees charged for inspection services are NOT based on a percentage of the reported value of the equipment involved, rather, they are based on the amount of time, plus any travel or necessary expenses. *4-hour minimum charge

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